A Glimpse Into Thailand

DSC 6335 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Hellooooo World,

I recently returned from Thailand and thought I would share a little glimpse into my trip. If you remember reading my post from last year, Thailand was one of my favorite places I went while on the World Race. Specifically Patong Beach in Phuket. My team worked in the red light district on Bangla Road throughout the month we were there. My heart broke for the people who worked and took part in it daily. Ironically, it also amped me up like no other. Taking late night prayer walks, playing games with the Thai women, making conversation with the men that work on Bangla Road, engaging with the customers and playing beach volleyball with tourists were just a few of my favorite things. We also took part in a big Valentine’s Day outreach where we handed out flowers and invited the women to free English lessons at the church if they wished.

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A year later, the Lord answered my prayer and allowed me to go back and take part in all of it again. Anddddd once again, it blew my mind, broke my heart, and amped me up.

I went with my pretty friends, Katie and Brittni which was a blast. They are amazing and make me better.

The Beginning

We started off our trip flying out of Chicago to Shanghai then from Shanghai to Bangkok. We stayed in Bangkok for a night before we took a 14 hour bus to Phuket (haaaaaaa).

Last year on the Race, my squad stayed at Live It Up Hostel on Asok. We decided to stay there again and they HOOKED US UP. Litereally. They gave us a major deal and a group room all to ourselves; which was perffff because we arrived in the middle of the night. If you ever need a place to stay, this is it. It’s super chill, the rooms are clean, the staff is friendly and they have a great rooftop. Ohh and I promise they didn’t pay me to say all of this.

DSC 5568 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Photocred: Katie Horst

Post 14 Hour Bus Ride

Once we made it to Patong, we took a trip to our fav coffee stand that is conveniently located right around the corner from the church. Everyone needs a Jack’s coffee stand next door. They’re super friendly and iced coffee is a dollar. Yesss.

img 3384 1 e1520217790961 989x1024 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

 Living Life In Patong

Most of our days were spent at the beach or exploring Patong in the late mornings/early afternoons, then around 3-4 pm we would head to Bangla to sit down and hangout with the Pink Bar crew. Later in the evening we would head out again and visit/play games with some of the girls in a couple different bars. Lots of street food and passion fruit smoothies were consumed in between along with watching sunsets and attempting headstands in random places.

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img 0518 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 3406 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

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fullsizerender - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 0620 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 0592 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Photocred: Katie Horst

Island Tour

Since we were in Phuket, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take an island tour. We decided on Phi Phi Islands. It was beautiful! However if anyone is going in the near future I would choose James Bond instead 1f642 - A Glimpse Into Thailand We did it last year and it seemed more chill. There was less people plus you got to canoe through caves. Yesssssss.

img 3500 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Photocred: Katie Horst

img 9745 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand


img 9740 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Pink Photoshoot

My friend Katie is a super talented photographer. She sees the best in every person and has a way of capturing it behind the lens. She did a mini photoshoot for everyone at Pink one day and they loved it. It was cute watching them smile and laugh as they posed for pictures. We made prints and handed them out on our last day. I love each one of them so much.

img 0598 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 0604 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 0608 - A Glimpse Into Thailand


img 0665 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Photocred: Katie Horst


img 0615 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Valentine’s Day Outreach

V-Day was a success. I am so grateful for all the prayers that went out on this day. Thank you so much! It was a beautiful night. For Freedom International put on the event and the YWAM Germany team was there to help too 1f642 - A Glimpse Into Thailand We did prayer/worship on the beach before we went out. Volleyball was in full swing shortly after and all the flowers were handed out.

img 0689 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 0685 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 0913 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

img 0911 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand


Leaving Thailand always makes me sad, but the Lord never fails to show me all the blessings in the process. God is at work in Phuket, even when it’s hard to see at times. I know playing games and buying soda waters doesn’t seem like a lot and maybe it isn’t to the average person walking by. Though I can’t physically pull the trafficked women out of the club or show the Thai women they are worth so much more than any guy is willing to pay, the Lord can and I believe He will. Light forever trumps darkness and if I was able to change the spiritual atmosphere for even a moment it was so worth it.

DSC 6279 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

Photocred: Katie Horst

The last night we shared a pizza dinner with our hosts and the view was fab. They are beautiful inside and out and I am so blessed to know them.

img 0914 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

In Route Home

The plane rides home consisted of taking basic plane pics, buying airport street food between layovers (LOL what), eating airplane seafood (always appetizing), snapping pics of Katie and Brit sleeping, and almost missing both our flights despite being at the airport a million hours early. YAY TRAVEL.

img 0895 - A Glimpse Into Thailand


img 0891 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand


img 0906 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand


img 0907 1 - A Glimpse Into Thailand

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