18 of the perfect Self Care Apps you’ll want to attempt

Need to drink more water? There’s an app for that! Need to cut down phone time? There’s an app for that! Since compiling this list I’m convinced there’s an app to address virtually every aspect of self-care! No matter what your definition of self care, whether it be… Taking 5 minutes to focus on your breath each day. Meeting a friend for coffee. Enjoying a regular pampering session. Whatever decisions, actions and intentions helps to refuel your mind, body, soul just make sure you prioritise them because life is tough, and looking after your wellbeing is paramount. Using apps is […]

The way to take care of wet days

How to deal with rainy days – what to do when you are sad and nothing works out and when the rain keeps poring. A solution for all
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green roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialForgive the hold up here but I’ve been really taking my time with this post- I know, for like EVER, I’ve held off on discussing CBD oil. I just feel like instead of hopping on every wellness trend I need to take a minute, try it for a while, record my results, & then come to The Skinny Confidential to report back to you.

And you should be glad I waited a hot minute because I found a VERY insane product-one that I can recommend to you with full confidence. We’ll get to it but first things first, k?

LIKE wait, WTF is CBD? I mean many people confuse it with WEED. It’s not weed though. I could show you innumerable vintage pics of why I can’t smoke pot- like I have a box disposable camera stuffed away in my high school scrapbooks ( YAH- we used to have this thing called SCRAPBOOKS ! CRAZY TIMES ! DINOSAUR AGES REALLY ! ) that showcase me in the corner at ragers because I got too stoned to talk. So if you’re like me & you get anxious from weed, have no fear because CBD is not the roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialgreen roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialLet’s dissect with …


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