Superfood Steam Pores and skin Care Routine

elemis skincare products facial steam by tscHey guys, what’s up?

Today we’re going to discuss one of my favorite things ever…. facial steaming.

Facial steaming is so ideal. It opens your pores, tightens your skin, and I just love it. Micro-steam hydrates and purifies your skin, which makes it DEWY- that’s what we’re all about here right?!

Plus, it primes skin for exfoliation and helps your products absorb into your skin better. Very much about it.

You should also know that I love to experience with Korean face masks, but I haven’t found a ride or die yet. The one I’m wearing in the video is $8 from Amazon. Korean sheet masks are THE THING.

The trick here is to put a few drops of a superfood oil in your steamer. I explain everything in the video to give you the whole rundown, but I’m telling you, this tip is next-level. You’re going to get all the nutrients from the superfood oil, into your skin via the facial steamer.


Products in video:

The Steamer

My favorite is Dr. Dennis Gross’ facial steamer. Who would I be if I didn’t support my other boyfriend?! But actually, this really is the best …


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