It’s Higher Working Collectively, Get Your Girlfriends and Run!

You’re not the kind of girl that sits on the sidelines. You inspire your friends. You work on being your best self and you get things done!But life happens, you have to pay the rent, tend to your children or barely have time to make a healthy breakfast, so even thinking about running a 5K race may seem overwhelming. But with a little help from your friends, joining in and being part of the Gildan Esprit de She 5k races, can be easier than you think. Here’s your down and dirty, “I can do it”, 5K

Are You Getting Your Omega 3s?

If you haven’t heard of Omega 3, or you are confused because the terms fatty acids and Omegas are often tossed around, then you aren’t alone, but Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to your health in about a million and one ways.
Omega 3s is a sh…