The Natural Wonder of Peppermint Oil

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to peppermint essential oil. Extracted through steam distillation of the flowering plant, it was widely used by the ancient Greeks and Romans and has long been revered for its beneficial properties and potent, minty aroma. Today, it is still lauded for its benefits, particularly for soothing and supporting healthy-looking skin. Peppermint essential oil can have calming effects on skin and is a great option to mix into balms and lotions. It can also support a clear-looking complexion.

Peppermint oil can make a great addition to any skincare routine. Are you ready to reap the benefits of this potent oil? Click here.

Note: Peppermint Essential Oil is incredibly potent and should be diluted with a carrier oil as needed for young and sensitive skin before use.

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